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Do not optimise for something we do not need. Especially the “not ever” ones.

The “not yet” ones are trickier, because we will be temped to “might as well optimise for it now”. But what if eventually we learn that we do “not ever” really need it?

It depends case-by-case when to postpone and when to do it now. Understand the trade-off. And decide purposefully.


When “best practice” is not

“Best practice” has a context. Understand that context. Question assumptions. If “best practice” does not fit current purpose, use a different method that fit the purpose better.

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“If you're not finding the right answers, you're not asking the right questions.”

~ Lieutenant Colonel Jack E. Lewi, M.D.


Screen equivalent of junk food

“You can't make a film for streaming the same way you make a theatrical [ie, a film intended for a cinema release].

You can't. There's different metrics and there's a different approach. There has to be, even for the reason that people can turn off very quickly... What is a cinematic experience for me as a filmmaker... becomes, 'Ok, I've got to adjust to retain my audience'.”

~ Dexter Fletcher

“Direct-to-streaming movies might keep us on the sofa and away from the remote control, but that doesn't mean they are any good.

What it means, in fact, is that they are the screen equivalent of junk food: easy to consume after a hard day's work, but not exactly nourishing.”

~ Nicholas Barber

Source: BBC

Misleading preview

I used Flutter in the past to develop an iOS app. But I want to try SwiftUI for a new project, so I am now learning SwiftUI development with XCode.

XCode has this nice Preview feature. It is slower than I expected given I have an M2 processor in my laptop. (Okay it is a complex and powerful IDE, so maybe as fast as Sublime Text is not realistic. But it should not feel slower than VS Code.)

The Preview helps give useful feedback loop. Most of the time.

Today, I spent a lot of time trying to debug a “Preview Crashed” error and went nowhere. Out of ideas, I decided to just build it and run the app on the Simulator. I wanted to know if I would get a different error message than the one I got in XCode.

Guess what? It runs without any problem in the Simulator. 🤔

Oh well, I will take any small win I can.


Privacy-preserving email image loading

Proton Mail now can load image in privacy-preserving manner. “Senders will not know if, where, or when you opened their emails.” This is a great feature!


Who you are

“Don’t talk about who you are. Let other people say who you are. And let your actions speak on your behalf.”

~ Anton Podviaznikov


Early worm

“I think we consider too much the luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.”

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

By way of Ken Grace.


NodeJS installs a lot of files

I just re-installed NodeJS. And here's what I got.

🍺 /opt/homebrew/Cellar/node/19.0.1: 1,991 files, 50.9MB

That is a lot of files.