01 Jun 1997

Training vs learning

I recently glued the following quote in my cubicle.

“The false correlation of learning with training or education is one of the most common and costly errors in corporation management today.” (John Seely Brown, Xerox Research Center) #quotes

Then a colleague of mine asked “why is that so?”

It didn't occur to me that people unfamiliar with LO concepts could ask such a question. Frankly, I was having a hard time explaining it to him. The line that I tried was as follows.

“To be feasible, training typically deliver less than the amount of knowledge/skill that the trainees need. The trainee will then understand only a certain percentage, and even less will be absorbed and retained. Therefore, “learning” outside of trg is different & important.”

I know this explanation is simplifying a bit, but I viewed it as the easiest to understand for my colleague, with his particular background.

My question is, how would you explain it to your colleagues of differing backgrounds?