09 Feb 1997


From: Phil Potter

The Information Technology Systems group at the University of Iowa is looking into the concept of broadbanding. As we understand the term, it entails moving from many job classifications (over 100 at UI) to three or four broad career bands. Within those bands, staff members would progress by increasing their competencies, rather than by changing job classifications.

If I understand your def of broadbanding correctly, you may be interested to look into competency-based HR mgmt. I happen to have a book list that list the following book; I hope this can help.

Competency Based Performance Improvement: A Strategy for Organizational Change. Author: David Dubois.

This allows, as we envision the process, a lot more flexibility for the “flatter,” team-driven organization in a rapidly changing environment, and for the staff member, who wants to make him(her)self more employable by increasing job competencies.

IMHO, competency based HRM will support nicely a flat org, but it is not a tool to flatten an org. I hope you're not looking for the latter.