Comparing cloud

I update my cloud providers global footprint comparison from time-to-time. For this update, I remove Heroku and add OVH. So the current cloud providers that I track are: Alibaba, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Fly, Google Cloud, Linode, OVH, Tencent, UpCloud, and Vultr.

If you want feature comparison, then this post is not for you. See part 1 for background.

f: Future location, as of 08 Feb 2022

Don't get too excited about the 'future location' plan. It can take years before it is available.

Sources: – Alibaba CloudAWSAzureDigital OceanFlyGoogle CloudLinodeOVHTencent CloudUpCloudVultr

I hope this is useful for you.



Note: You should check a data-driven analysis by Cal Paterson – Where's the fastest place to put my server? How much does it matter?