Comparing cloud providers

Recently I needed a server for my personal project and I compared the services from various cloud providers. Specifically, I compared the global footprints of their data centre locations.

Cloud providers offer different services; the big providers obviously offer more services than the smaller providers. But for this project, I have simple needs, so any one of them can serve my needs. However, I have one want, which is data centre location; I wanted it to be located in a specific geography.

So I studied the following providers to see where they have data centres: Ali Baba, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Heroku, Linode, Tencent, UpCloud, and Vultr.

If you want feature comparison, then this post is not for you.

Everybody has a data centre in US and Germany. Once you need to host elsewhere, then the following table may be useful for you. Data is ordered alphabetically.

f: Future location

I find it interesting to see how the big US providers have grown their footprints in the past decade and how the Chinese providers position themselves outside their home market.

While some countries attract more providers than others, it is also interesting to learn about few countries where future data centres are being planned.

Sources: – Alibaba CloudAWSAzureDigital OceanGoogle CloudHerokuLinodeTencent CloudUpCloudVultr

I hope this is useful for you.