Huawei Watch Fit conclusion

I have been using the Watch Fit for about seven months and this is my final follow up on it. To get some context, you can read the second review and the first review.

Recently I found another issue (beside the GPS, which I wrote previously). It lost my exercise / run data a few times already in the past few months. I finished my run and checked my stat, but when I sync'ed and checked on the mobile app, the stat was not there. I checked on the device and indeed the data was gone. This happened a few times. I am not concerned about my stat, but I am bothered that it cannot reliably save data, which to me is a basic reliability requirement.

All in all, for its price, the Watch Fit is an attractive offer.

Style-wise, it looks somewhat like Apple Watch which is not my favourite style, but Huawei Watch Fit is not as wide and somehow strikes me as better looking than Apple Watch. It is also very light.

The user interface / UI is brilliant. I did not appreciate the UI much until a couple of days ago when I tried the Garmin Forerunner 45. I will write about the Forerunner 45 in another opportunity, but in short Watch Fit UI is superior. Its on-screen control is easy to use in so many ways.

The mobile app is easy to use and focused on functions that I care and no more. 👍🏼

In conclusion, the Watch Fit is my first wearable and I enjoy using it. If I lose it, would I replace it with the same model? No. I would get their next iteration or a different product.