When I migrated my blog to Write.as, there was no search functionality, but I found the post in the community forum on how to add search using Glitch and DuckDuckGo and tag. I use tag, but it is not exactly search. DuckDuckGo does not return exhaustive search result for me; possibly because they do not index my site fully. Glitch somehow did not interest me much at the time. So I wanted to set up my own search someday.

Fast forward to now. Recently I deployed a couple of simple personal projects using serverless platform on Cloudflare and for the third serverless project on Cloudflare, I decided to do search. And so here it is: search.hendry.id.

Search indexing uses Elasticlunr and text rendering uses Showdown. Both are open source libraries under MIT License.

There are still improvements that can be done, but for now, I can already search all my posts. Yeay! 😎