Lovely cloud

Today I am not going to write about cloud computing infrastructure, but instead about real physical cloud in the sky.

I ran 10K this morning and as I was walking to cool down, I looked up to the sky and saw an expanse of cloud lighted by the golden sun that had just risen above the horizon. It was lovely.

Too bad I did not have my phone to take a picture with so I can show you what it looks like. I searched on DuckDuckGo for types of clouds. The closest shape I found was either “altocumulus” or “cirrocumulus”. And the cloud I saw seemed quite high in altitude, so I am leaning toward cirrocumulus.

I do not know if every cirrocumulus looks lovely, but the cloud I saw this morning was indeed lovely in my opinion. It made me felt like I was on holiday somewhere in a beautiful beach resort. What a gorgeous way to start the day!