On running

Did you make a resolution to start running? Or have you always wanted to and kept it off? Let me share my lessons learned. Maybe useful for you.

But please consult a qualified doctor to check that running is suitable for you. And keep in mind that everyone IS different. What works for me may not work as well for you, so apply with caution.


It is never too late to start. Start gently and short and then increase over time.

Pay attention to how you run. To make running sustainable, you need to get into the habit of running style that minimises pain. Everyone is unique, so you need to invest time to figure out your running style that minimises your pain.

The running style that you grew up with may not be suitable anymore and it is difficult to change style. But if your running style causes pain, you need to change it.

Running shoes that fit your running style will help. The shoes do not need to be expensive as long as they are shoes for running, not for a different sport.

There are two pains: pain when running and pain after the run. Pain is different from sore. Pain is to be avoided, but sore is at times unavoidable.

If you have no sore whatsoever after a run, there is a chance you did not push yourself enough. If you want to improve, you want to push yourself.

Your sore level will gradually change for the better, if you run regularly. In the beginning the sore is intense and may take days to dissipate. If you run regularly, the sore eventually will lessen and disappear quicker.

If you desire to run further and push yourself regularly, your body can potentially run further. But push gently and gradually. Do not rush: increase your distance over time.

You must hydrate yourself properly.

Regularity is important, but you do not need absolute precision. Pick a schedule and try to stick with it. Moving it a day early or a day later is alright. For example, you decide to run once a week every Saturday. Running on Friday or Sunday, if you cannot do Saturday on a given week is no big deal, as long as you run.

There may be circumstances that you cannot run for a period. Running again after a hiatus will give you a lot of sore. It is normal. Do not let that stop you from returning to your regular schedule and getting back into shape.

Running is a mental / psychological exercise as much as a physical exercise. Pick a personal objective to stay motivated to run regularly.

And even if you do not feel motivated at all, run anyway.