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Vivaldi 4.3

My go-to browser has always been Firefox. It is technically good. In parallel, I also use multiple other browsers. It is a bit of a nuisance sometimes to switch around, but I manage.

Lately, I have been using a specific web app more and more and it needs to use a specific feature that, at the moment, is supported only in chrome engine. My options are Brave and Vivaldi.

I like Brave's design a lot, but Vivaldi offers more than just browsing, so I have been experimenting with it. And recently, there was a new update and I like the privacy improvements. Below are two recent examples of Vivaldi's proactive privacy measures.

Vivaldi 4.3

I am also impressed that Vivaldi is employee owned with no outside investor. I hope they can stay that way.

Check them out here.


Update: Despite Vivaldi's various built-in blocking, seems that I can do MS Teams video meeting on Vivaldi smoothly.

Good morning

Found this on the ground during my morning walk.



Good morning



Taking a nap

Last week I visited my friend's place and had fun with the family dog. 😄

dog napping


Good morning


Dealing with new paradigm

“The root cause of most mistakes people make when dealing with new paradigms comes down to two things: fear and arrogance.

We fear we’ll miss out, that we’ll fail, or that we’ll be judged and rejected. And when we’re not afraid, we’re arrogant. We think the new thing is obviously bullshit, or obviously amazing, and it decreases our attachment to the actual truth.

When dealing with a new paradigm, reason has its limits. The best strategy is to embrace curiosity, and don’t worry too much.”

~ Nathan Baschez

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Good morning


Look forward

“Look back and thank God. Look forward and trust God.”

~ Iman Abdulmajid


Inspirational quote



Lovely cloud

Today I am not going to write about cloud computing infrastructure, but instead about real physical cloud in the sky.

I ran 10K this morning and as I was walking to cool down, I looked up to the sky and saw an expanse of cloud lighted by the golden sun that had just risen above the horizon. It was lovely.

Too bad I did not have my phone to take a picture with so I can show you what it looks like. I searched on DuckDuckGo for types of clouds. The closest shape I found was either “altocumulus” or “cirrocumulus”. And the cloud I saw seemed quite high in altitude, so I am leaning toward cirrocumulus.

I do not know if every cirrocumulus looks lovely, but the cloud I saw this morning was indeed lovely in my opinion. It made me felt like I was on holiday somewhere in a beautiful beach resort. What a gorgeous way to start the day!