May 2009

The purpose of influence

“Intelligence? Checked. Career? Checked. Money? Checked. Professional and social networks? Checked. Now what?” These questions get asked often by high powered individuals, but the answers do not always satisfy. An interesting approach to find the answer is through understanding one's sphere of influence and then defining a purpose with which to focus his / her influence.

Obviously, every one is different. An answer that satisfies one person may not satisfy another. At the same time, the process of how to get to the answer may be applicable for many individuals. The following tells a story of one person's journey to find his answer.

When his book became one of the all time best selling book in the world, Rick Warren started seeing millions of US dollars flow from his book proceeds. In other words, he had done it; he had arrived. The following video shows a TED Conference talk where Rick recalled how he dealt with his “now what” question by focusing his influence and affluence into three areas: AIDS, poverty, and leadership development.

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